Stickers | Collect & Swap

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing your sticker collections manually. Stickers not also maintains your missing, duplicate and reserved sticker lists, but it also makes swapping a breeze!

Collecting has never been this easy

Spend less time sifting through stickers and more time having fun!

Quickly scan sticker numbers

Whether you’re adding newly bought stickers or swapping with someone else, you can use your camera to quickly scan those stickers numbers instead of typing them in.

Swap with other users effortlessly

With Live Swap you can instantly see what stickers you’re missing from another user’s duplicates and vice versa.

Reserve stickers for your friends

Text your friends your missing/duplicate lists and reserve stickers for them when they share their lists with you.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • Which sticker albums are in the app?

      All the popular albums are supported. For example: Euro 2024, Copa América 2024, various national football league albums, Bluey, etc. And we’re constantly adding new albums.

    • I didn’t find the album is was looking for?

      That’s OK! You can create your own custom album within the app. Having said that, if it’s a popular album, reach out to us. We may be on the verge of adding it.

    • How does the Live Swap feature work?

      Happy you asked! When you want to swap with a user next to you, Stickers can exchange both of your missing and duplicate sticker lists via WiFi and quickly show you which stickers you can swap.

    • Can I swap with other users online?

      Not yet. Stickers focuses on helping you swap in loco. But if you want this feature to be added let us know.

    • How much does it cost?

      Stickers is free to download and you can start collecting any album right away. When you have collected around 30% of the stickers for any given album you’ll be asked for 0.99 EUR via in-app purchases.

    • Are my purchases valid for all my devices?

      Yes, as long as you’re signed in to iCloud, Stickers will sync your albums automatically including all your purchase receipts.

Start collecting today

Stickers is free to download and you can get started right away! To complete an album an in-app purchase is required. Albums such as Euro 2024, Copa América 2024, FIFA 365, Match Attax, Bluey and many more are already in the app.